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What is an Irish Pancake and why should it be on your bucket list?

First, let me clarify something it’s not an actual pancake, per se.

 The Irish Pancake we’re talking about

[and the one that you will come to love and want every weekend with brunch] is this



What’s In It?

  • In Shot Glass #1: A Stiff Irish Whiskey + Butter Schnapps
  • In Shot Glass #2: Orange Juice
  • On The Side: A slice of bacon

How Do You Drink It?

  1. Shoot the booze
  2. Chase with juice
  3. Savor the bacon!


Between the butterscotch, the juice, and the bacon, the taste is similar to dragging your bacon through the syrup from your pancakes. You’ll have yourself an Irish Breakfast Shot you won’t soon forget.