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The mojito is the perfect — and quite possibly the only — drink you should ever order on a first date. 

Girls who order mojitos are fun and playful – the perfect ingredient for a first date.

It shows that you’re not high-maintenance by ordering a glass of wine.

You’re also not trying to one of the guys with a IPA.

And you’re also not trying to get wasted with an Old Fashioned on the rocks.

Here is a quick rundown of how a mojito can seriously step up your dating game and maybe even secure you date number two:


1  |  Minty Fresh [**Kissable**] Breath

We’re not saying you need to kiss your date but why not leave the option open.

2  |  Stain-Free Attire

We all spill or drop things, especially when we’re nervous. At least, this way, it won’t stain anything. Give it a few minutes to dry and you’ll be good as new.

3  |  It’s super share-able worthy

What could be more fun and flirtatious than sharing a sip of each other’s drink.

4  |  Low alcohol %

There’s nothing less attractive than a first date who is completely wasted halfway through the meal.

Mojitos have about 10-15% alcohol, whereas martinis have 37-42%. You do the math.

5  |  It’s very chic + adult

Nothing says amateur more than an Amaretto Sour or a Fuzzy Navel. Mojitos allow you to be a grown-up but still have something sweet to sip on.

Did you know that Guava has 2 types of mojitos perfect for your next first date?

  1. Classic Mojito
  2. Guava Beach [GB] Bootleg Mojito

We look forward to seeing you & your future first date at Guava!