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Open Everyday | 11 AM - ~12AM/2AM
Except Sundays at 9AM for Brunch

She’s amazing, she’s awesome and just happens to be one of our most popular servers: Meet Jenny!

1  |  Where did you grow up and how did you end up in San Diego?

Originally I’m from North Carolina, for college I went to UGA and after graduating I wanted to move to CA and my best friend said that if I moved to SD (she was dating a navy guy) she would come with come with me. Plus my grandma used to live here 6 months out of the year so I had been out to visit when I was younger so that was that.. she only lasted like 6 months but I stuck it out.


2  |  How long have you been at Guava?

9 years this month [as of April 2017]


3  |  What’s the training process to become a server here?

They must complete 3 training shifts- usually with 3 different people and including at least one opening and one closing shift. The first shift they follow the server and watch everything they do, plus get a grand tour and shown the menu and computer basics. The second shift they will take some tables with the trainer following them and get to use the computer and learn more menu details. On the third shift they have to do it all (within reason of course) and will be quizzed on menu and computer knowledge. Usually 3 is enough but just depends on the person and their experience/knowledge.


4  |  Guava is famous for having a loyal group of local customers that sometimes have a designated server they prefer. Do you have lots of request customers?

Duh.. they all want me haha. But no, of course after 9 years I’ve grown close and even become friends with customers so I prefer some of them as well. I see a lot of people once a year when they come out for vacation and they recognize me and say “oh yay I had you last year and the year before that- we’re glad you’re still here” and I say “yea… I’m always here, it’s you guys that are missing” haha. It’s fun to see the same people every year and sometimes even watch their kids & families grow too


5  |  How have things changed at Guava since you started?

A lot of things have changed! The tables for starters- they were all short tables when I first started and there are different games- no more golden tee- we’re all darts now!  There has been 5 head chefs, 4 general managers and 5 bar managers I believe- so with each has been a varying degree of change. But I would say the menu changes the most and some of the décor- although a lot of the classics have remained the same- like my favorite animal skull guitar (not sure how to describe this ha). It keeps the same comfy welcoming beach vibe I love.. I do miss some of my old fish friends though- the blind eel and Mr. Crabby were cool.

6  |  Have you served any particularly notable customers?

If you mean famous- yes there has been a few but those aren’t always the most notable… there are definitely some interesting people that come in and out of here haha

7  |  What is your favorite item on the menu?

My favorite item has to be The Loco Coco Chicken Sandwich… It’s the one thing that has always been on the menu after all this time and I have “jokingly” said I would set the building on fire if they ever take it off the menu… luckily no one has ever pushed the issue haha

8  | What is the most important trait a good server should have?

If I had to pick one trait I would say multi-tasking is most important.. but patience is right up there! Sense of humor and a high alcohol tolerance are pretty important if you’re gonna work down at the beach too haha

9  | For out-of-town tourists who may only be able to visit Guava once, what is the #1 must-have item on the menu you’d recommend for them?

I’d recommend a classic pairing of the Gigante Classic Cadillac El Dorado Margarita, then start with the Jumbo Coco Shrimp and then dig into the Slow-Roasted Carnitas Fajitas… then for dessert… probably a shot of one of over 50+ tequilas… what can I say- I don’t have much of a sweet tooth haha